Shattered Mist

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Use on normal or gel polish! The choice is yours

Bling, Bling, Bling. So sparkly you need sunglasses. Mitty shattered collection is so amazingly awesome we cannot control our excitement. We tested for 100's of hours until we could produce the best available. You cannot buy this shininess anywhere else, only at Mitty. The particle size & quality is the best ever produced. The Micron count is just amazing. What does this mean? SPARKLES. And, Mitty shattered collection will capture the light and reflect back at hundreds of different angles, the colours just appear to dance on your nails.

Mitty is the trusted nail art brand. We guarantee you won't be disappointed. You may have tried other brands, just wait to you design nail art with Mitty shattered collection. The finish you will achieve will have your friends asking, whats on your nails? Be quick demand is going to be Kray Kray, with lots of your trusted influencers reviewing these.

How to get really amazing nails. 

1. Paint your nails the base colour that you want. We totally recommend black because it is super shiny!

2.Now you can apply your top coat. For bestest results, use a non wipe top coat that has been cured under UV/LED lamp. Very important to remember that you can also apply these to your base polish. You decide.

3.Now dip the colour side of the applicator in your Mitty Shattered powder set into the actual powder, and then tap it onto your nail. If you want shifting chrome effect, then rub it into your nails. See you can achieve so many different finishes. You can even apply these with your Mitty Design Pro Fan-cy brush. Also use this brush to wipe away the excess. 

4.It is very important to apply a top coat otherwise the shattered effect will rub off. 

 Each Shattered Powder set contains:

1x .2g tub of Mitty Shattered powder 

2x Soft easy to use applicators

1x handy resealable limited edition matte black pouch.

Mitty Shattered powders are made with FDA, EU, & AU compliant ingredients. Cosmetic grade pigments.