Ever looked at other people nail art designs and noticed how clean the completed look is? Especially around cuticles and nails? 

One of the first things I learnt in nail art is that no matter how amazing your nail art design is, the look is ruined if around your nail is messy. I spent many hours reading, practicing and thinking of nail art ideas that could help me improve my finish nail art design. 

These are some of my nail art tips and tricks:

Use nail protector around your nails

I have used many different products however Flawless Finish by Mitty is the first product in the nail art world that offers an easy, quick and no mess mani tape that wraps around your nails like a second skin. This odor and latex free product is a life changer. 



Clean up around your nails with nail art brushes:

If you still need to clean up, then the best nail artists use good quality nail art brushes to clean around their nails. 

There are two types of nail art brushes that can help:

Brush 1: Flat Brush like Mitty Fabulously Flat

The flat end of the brush allows you to clean around your nails such as the sides of your nails. Use a non acetone nail polish remover and gently stroke the sides of your nails to remove the excess polish.

You will get the best result with Mitty nail art brushes because the flexibility of this premium hair allows the nail art brush to get in between the nail and the skin and remove the excess polish whilst the softness of the hair doesn't ruin your nail art design. Unfortunately nylon brushes can't deliver these benefits due to the manufacturing process of the nylon which reduces flexibility and softness.

Need a flat brush? Why not try Mitty Fabulously Flat? Click here to learn more or why not take one home.



Brush 2: Angular Brush

This is one of the most popular nail art tools used to clean those annoying corners and tight areas around your nails. The angular shape of this nail art brush allows you to get better access to the those annoying tight and tricky areas. 

Mitty Angle Me brush is recommended by many nail artist. Click here to read more about this nail art brush or why not take one home.





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