Nail strips and guides are one of the most common nail art tools for any nail artist. They are used to create awesome nail art designs from lines or use on their own. 

The problem is that they are so tricky to work with. In my opinion the biggest challenge is to find where the strip starts and then you have to keep the wheel in your hand to cut the length that you want. You know what I mean, right? I mean nail art tools are meant to help us, not make it more difficult to create our nail art ideas.

One time as I was struggling to find the start, I ended up ruining my base polish. So I was like "this is IT" !!! Something had to change! and this is my nail art idea on how I fixed it. 

A tape dispenser! yes, you read it right. It's that simple. I bought a small one and put as many nail strip wheel as I could. 

Now when I need one, I choose the color, cut to the length that I want and use it. 


Do you have another trick to tackle this? Comment below to share.

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