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Fix your smudged nail art design in seconds! That easy!

Fix your smudged nail art design in seconds! That easy!
You have done all that you can to stop your nail art from smudging, you have followed all the tips and tricks to avoid smudging your nails. Here is that ugly face on your nails, called smudges. What to do? Should you re-do your nails or can you still save them. Why not try these tips and tricks next time and be the judge?

If your nail polish is still wet:

Wet your finger and gently rub the smudge. Some would say to lick the smudge but I am not sure I like that! You choose.

If your nail polish is dried and you just noticed the smudge:

Dip an ear bud into nail polish remover and slowly smooth the surface. Then fill in the smudge area with the same colour polish or the nail art design.

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  • Asha: August 14, 2016

    An earbud? Seriously? What a stupid suggestion. You seriously need to proof read this site, by the way. Your grammar is even worse than your “tips”.

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