I have always admired the nail art designs that glow in dark. They just look WOW. Of course I wanted to do my own so I started searching for how to make it. This has been one of the funnest research I have done. 
Here is what I have tested.

Using a glow in the dark powder

Get yourself some glow in the dark powder and some ball bearings. Choose a half full nail polish, add the powder and the ball bearings carefully into the nail polish. I wore a face mask to make sure I didn’t inhale the powder and suggest you be careful as well. These are chemicals after all and we need to take care.

Gently either shake or roll your nail polish to mix the powder with the polish.

Paint your nails and look at the glow like WOW ….

Using a glow stick

Glow in the dark sticks are easy to find. This is super easy to do. Activate and shake your glow in the dark stick and cut one end. Pour it into a half full nail polish bottle and shake.
Just a warning: Please wear a face mask to ensure you don't inhale any chemicals.
Now you can paint your nails and enjoy the glow!
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