One of the biggest complaint I hear when I talk to others is that the nail polish doesn’t last long enough especially when they put so much effort into creating their nail art design.

Of course the quality of polish is very important however good quality polishes are also super expensive and not all of us can have them. I tend to skip on polish cost so that I can spend the money on other nail art tools that I want. After all if you have a trick that works, why not use it and spend the money somewhere else!
Nail polish normally chips on the top of nails. To help the polish last longer:

Prep your nail before:

Combine white vinegar and water and soak your nails in it before painting them. This will remove the oil which means your polish sticks better. Alternatively clean your nails with an ear bud and white vinegar before painting them.

Base coat:

Apply a base coat to create a base for the nail art design.

Paint your nails:

Apply a thin layer of polish on the top of your nails first, and then when dry apply polish as normal.

Top Coat:

Apply 2 layers of top coat and make sure you take necessary caution to not smudge your nail polish.

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