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How to get rid of yellow nail stains

How to get rid of yellow nail stains
If you regularly paint your nails, you may have noticed that your nails are stained. This is because the nail polish stains your nails and causes them to look yellow. The darker the colour of your nail polish, the more stained your nails become.  Prevention is the key and using a base coat goes a long way. However if you have yellow nails, here are some tips & tricks to make them look whiter.

Whitening tooth paste:

It works very well. Use a small toothbrush, add whitening tooth paste and scrub your nails. For better results, use a white colour tooth paste and you can add some baking soda.  If your nails are really stained, you may need to repeat this steps a few times.

Baking soda and lemon juice:

Create a paste from the mixture of baking soda and lemon juice and rub onto your nails.  Repeat this a few time to remove the stain.
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