3 Ways of Making Gradient Nail Art by @YaGala

3 Ways of Making Gradient Nail Art by @YaGala

Gradient are one of the most popular nail art designs. It looks super simple however there are many tips and tricks in making the perfect gradient. The amazingly talented Galina from @YaGala has shared her secrets with all of us.




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  • Heather Fewell: October 19, 2017

    Is the previous question asker actually serious ?? Millions of people on YouTube every day video tape themselves doing things with both of their hands using a camera on a TRIPOD which have been available for well over 50 YEARS !! I would love to know how people like this even figure out how to survive every day with so LITTLE common sense !! Wow that was truly one of the most ridiculous questions I have ever heard now that EVERYONE seems to be posting video’s on YouTube… even ones on HOW TO POST ON YOUTUBE !! As for the makeup sponge if you went to YouTube and looked up yagala’s other video’s she has SEVERAL one what products to buy as do about 500 OTHER YOUTUBE NAIL ARTISTS…. LOOK IT UP. SMH

  • Alyssa: April 21, 2017

    My 2 questions are:

    1.-How do you record your videos? I mean cause you can’t paint your nails and record the video at the same time so…..

    2.- Could you recommend me a good brand of sponges?

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