Do you ever go to use your nail art brushes and it still has nail polish on it. The hair on the brush is all stuck together and it ruins your design??? well, my hand is up, up and up!

Until I found how to fix it! Here is my secret:

First of all remember that acetone is the enemy of your nail art tools. Always use a non acetone nail polish remover. In my experience, some work better than others. You will need to find the right quality nail polish remover. For my Mitty nail art tools, I only use Manicare. 

Pour your nail polish remover in a glass or bowl and swirl your nail art brushes in the nail polish remover.

Clean the excess liquid with a paper towel and shape your nail art brushes' hair. 

I have read in some blogs that will tell you to leave your brush in the nail polish remover. Thats a no no for Mitty nail art brushes. Always remember that if you want to keep your nail art brushes same as the first day you got them, then you need to look after your nail art brushes. And by that I mean clean your nail art brushes straight away after using them. 

I clean mine immediately, even before taking the photo for the tutorials  I post on the website and my Instagram





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