I always get ask how I look after my cuticles. well, my nail art trick is very simple! I just love them and look after them. I have my routine before and after every nail art design I create.

The products I use are:
  • SimplyBliss Hydrant Oil
  • Sukin Hand & Nail Cream
  • Manicare Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover
  • Multi-purpose Nail File
  • Bamboo Cuticle Stick
  • MaxFactor Glossfinity Clear Base Coat

I remove my old nail polish. I always use non-acetone nail polish remove. I am a big fan of manicare acetone free nail polish remover. It's super gentle on my nails and cleans very well specially when I use my Mitty nail art brushes.
I then shape, smooth, buff and shine my nails with my multi-purpose nail file. 

After, I use Simply Bliss Hydrant Oil  around my cuticles followed by Sukin natural nail & hand cream. I love these products because they are both made from natural ingredients which is super important to me. I don't like using products that I can't pronounce what they are made of! And because they are natural, they work very well. I never have dry hands or cuticles.

I apply oil around your nails and rub it in. I then use my Sukin natural hand cream to keep my hand soft. Using my bamboo cuticle stick, I gently push my cuticles back. Never cut them!

Lastly, I put on my MaxFactor base coat. 

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