How to apply powders on NORMAL polish

You have seen the powders, they look so amazing! However not all of us have UV lamps and gel polishes that some powders need to look that good. So we at Mitty have done something about it. Our powders can be applied on normal polishes with these easy tips.

1. Use powders with Sticky Base Coat

Sticky base coats are perfect for powders. The most important thing is to let it fully dry before rubbing the powder on it.  I have used many different brands and they are honestly all good and you can buy them from all good pharmacies. 

how to apply powder

2.  Use powders with Nail Adhesive

Another way that I use all the time is to use any nail adhesive or glue. These are also used for nail foils however they are also wonderful for applying powders. Apply a thick layer and let it fully dry before rubbing the powder onto it. 

Tip: The nail glues that have applicator brush are much easier to use because you can apply it like normal nail polish. Here is a super easy video to show you how it works with nail adhesive.

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