When I first started painting my nails, I hated how around my cuticles looked like. It was just never like all those amazing nails I see on Instagram. After a lot of research, I learnt a few tricks that I would like to share with you.

First things first, 

Make sure you don't have too much nail polish on your brush and then start from the middle of your nails and then move slowly towards your cuticles. This will paint half of your nail.

Paint your nails

Then, move to the side of your nails.

how to paint your nails

Always make sure to paint the tip of your nails and let the first coat dry before applying a second coat. 

Wait until your nail polish is completely dried before applying a second coat. I always apply two coats. 

Sometimes I get some extra nail polish around my cuticles and I NEVER get a perfect round circle around my nail bed. To get that perfect finish, I use my Mitty Clean Pro Angular or Angle Me to get the perfect shape. Just dip the brush into a gentle nail polish remover and gently and slowly complete your nails.

clean around your cuticle

You can also use Flat nail art brushes like Mitty Clean Pro Flat or Fabulously Flat.

Always apply a good quick top coat. It will just perfectly finish the look.


If you are interested to learn more about getting that perfect finish, why not read more about our Flawless Finish options


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