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@lexstasynails 42.7k Followers

@lexstasynails 42.7k Followers

@lexstasynails is a popular freehand Instagram nail art designer that has vibrant and creative nail art ideas . I was very excited when she agreed to create nail art designs using Mitty nail art brushes. Lexstasynails did not disappoint. 

This is the first nail art design created using Mitty Stripy Glamour nail art brush. Vibrant and live!

What I love the most about this nail art design is that @lexstasynails shows us how you can spice up your design by adding some colourful flowers.

Next nail art design was created using Mitty I'm Fan-tastic nail art brush.

And then using Mitty Stripy Glamour nail art brush, animal print and flowers are added to bring this nail art idea to life.


Want to re-creat these nail art ideas? 


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