@nailthataccent reviews Mitty nail art tools (70.5K Followers)

Lindsay is one of the most successful beauty bloggers and the founder of Nail That Accent that believes "although true beauty comes from within, a bold lip, sultry eye, or a rockin’ manicure, always helps." It's no wonder that we here at Mitty wanted Lindsay to tell us what she thought of Mitty nail art tools. 

Lindsay reviewed Mitty detail brushes and Flawless Finish mani tape to create two amazing Halloween nail art designs.

This is what Lindsay said in her amazing BLOG "This tape is quite thin and delicate, so you have to place it carefully, but you can stretch it to put it right close to your cuticles. Peel off the tape and voila! No clean up at all!!!!"

WINNER! You gotta love it when you see an amazing nail art design and such comments. 

Why not also check out how to create these design? Click on each picture below.





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