Cat Eye Magnets

$10.00 AUD

Cat Eye Gel Polish with a difference 

To achieve different designs with Mitty Cat Eye Gel Polish we recommend using strong magnets. These Mitty magnets are super strong and allow you design whatever you can imagine.

There are other cheaper magnets on the market available. Simply they don't work. Mitty guarantees the performance of these magnets.

 The Mitty Difference:

  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Cruelty FREE
  • 100% Palm Oil FREE

Easy Cat Eye gel polish application steps:

  1. Prepare your nails by pushing the cuticle back.
  2. Gently buff the nail surface, using a Mitty 180/180 Grit file.
  3. Apply Mitty PH Bonder, let air dry.
  4. Apply Mitty Gel Primer, let air dry.
  5. Apply a thin layer of Mitty clear base coat. Cure for 30 seconds in Mitty 54W LED Lamp.
  6. If you are using Mitty Cat eye gel polish, then apply a thin layer of black gel polish and cure for 30 seconds in Mitty 54W LED Lamp. Repeat this step with another thin layer of black gel polish and cure.
  7. If you are using Mitty ColourMax Cat eye gel polish, apply a thin layer of the cat eye gel polish and cure for 30 seconds. 
  8. Apply a layer of  Mitty Cat Eye gel polish but DON'T cure, put the magnet on and around nail to make different design effects. Once you are happy with the design   then cure for 60s. 
  9. Apply non wipe top coat and cure for 60 seconds in Mitty 54W LED Lamp.

PLEASE NOTE: Curing time may differ depending on the voltage of your LED nail lamp.  

How to remove gel polish super easy:

  1. File your applied gel polish to remove seal with Mitty 100/100 Grit file.
  2. Cut a cotton pad into 4 pieces.
  3. Soak the pad with pure acetone.
  4. Slip the pad inside Mitty Polish off Soakie and slide the Soakie onto your finger. (You can use aluminum foil as well; however we ask that you consider the impact on the environment)
  5. Wait 10-15 minutes.
  6. Using a cuticle pusher, remove the gel polish. Repeat previous steps if polish is not fully removed.
  7. Buff your nails.
  8. Use Mitty Cuticle oil to moisturise your cuticles and nails.

*Please note: Whilst every care is taken to truly represent the exact gel polish colour, different monitors will display colours in different ways.

 You will receive x2 Mitty Magnets.


FAQ about gel polish:

1. Is Gel Polish bad for your nails?

Mitty gel polishes are 10 free, so Mitty gel polishes don't contain the nasties. If you apply Mitty gel polish correctly & follow instructions to remove correctly, Mitty gel polish will not damage your nails

2. Can gel polish be used on natural nails?

Yes you can use Mitty gel polish on your natural nails as well on nail tips & soft gel tips. We recommend for a longer lasting manicure you apply Mitty PH Bonder, Mitty Gel Primer & Mitty Clear Base Coat. You will then achieve a gel polish manicure very similar to your professional salon manicure.

3. Is gel polish better than standard nail polish?

Mitty gel polish if applied correctly will last up to 5 weeks. Standard nail polish will last up to 1 week before chipping & peeling. Gel polish is a longer lasting better option if you want a manicure that lasts.