Mini Cordless LED Nail Lamp 6W

$45.00 AUD

LED Cordless Gel Nail Lamp

Mitty 6W Cordless LED Nail Lamp is the answer to a portable manicure. It's small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, but powerful enough to completely cure gel polishes. This nail lamp is 100% LED so it's super safe to use. No more messy cords and leads when flash curing. Cordless convenience has arrived. This nail lamp features:

  • Cordless & portable
  • Made for at home DIY gel nails
  • Suitable for flash curing builder gel
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Perfect for gel nails whilst travelling

Mitty LED Cordless nail gel lamp Instructions:

To use, you need to charge this cordless nail lamp with the supplied USB charger, just like your mobile does. Once charged get up to 200, 60 second cures on one charge. No buttons just press on the top to activate, so stylish, so easy to use.

This nail lamp will automatically turn off after 1 minute. 

To fully cure your gel polish, it is recommended to apply a very thin layer and cure a few times.

To fully cure builder gel such as brush on builder gel, cure for 2-3 times. 

LED Battery Saving Mode:

This LED lamp is not just compact and convenient; it's also intelligent. Featuring a built-in battery-saving mode, the lamp will automatically turn off when not in use. To reactivate, press and hold the lamp for 3 seconds until the LED lights flash. Once the flashing stops, your lamp is ready for use. ClicK HERE to learn more.

FAQ about LED nail lamp:

1. Is LED nail lamp safe to use?

The short answer is Yes.

This nail lamp is designed to cure nail products containing LED only photo-initiation that utilise the LED section of the light spectrum to cure and harder the product. This means the LED light exposed to your nails and fingers are within the proven safe light range and will not be harmful to your skin. This makes the LED nail lamp a safe option to use. 

2. Is UV or LED nail lamp better for you?

We strongly recommend using a LED nail lamp as it is proven to be safe but also other benefits are:

  • Shorter cure time
  • Long lasting
  • LED lights are not required to be replaced

3. Do LED nail lamps need replacing?

Not likely if you look after your nail lamp. This is one of the benefits of purchasing a good quality and reliable LED lamp. The LED lights will last a very light time and are not required to be replaced.

This LED nail lamp kit includes:

1x 6W  Cordless LED nail lamp

1x USB charging connection cord