Coloured Mirror - Liquid Chrome

$99.00 AUD


Everybody's talking about Mitty liquid chrome, the latest big trend in the nail world. Achieve shinier results than ever before without worrying about messy pigment powder getting everywhere. This revolutionary brush-on formula is easy to apply, giving you the ultimate nail design in just seconds. Apply this highly pigmented liquid shininess on top of non-wipe top coat. Yes its that simple.


Step 1. Prepare the nail exactly as you do when applying nail powders/pigments

Step 2. Apply Mitty non-wipe top coat and cure for 20 seconds ( Mitty 24W lamp). Curing time may be different with other branded lamps and lamp power.

Step3. Dab the liquid chrome onto the non-wipe top coat to achieve a full but even coverage of the nail. Dont apply it too generously or sparingly, just cover the nail bed.

Step 4. Let dry for 10-15 seconds

Step 5. Rub with your finger until it comes to an amazing shine.

Step 6. Top with Mitty non-wipe top coat and cure for 60 seconds.

Mitty liquid chrome is purely Vegan!


6x 10g Mitty liquid chrome tubes. (6 exclusive Mitty colours)