Smooth Top Barrel - Medium

$35.00 AUD

Professional Nail Drill Bits:

Mitty's smooth top barrel medium drill bit is a gorgeous pink heat resistant ceramic bit with an x-cut design. This drill bit’s smooth top design protects the skin, prevents damage to cuticles and contours to the nail without leaving behind grooves. It's perfect for surface work such as removing excess product and smoothing the surface prior to top coat application. Also great if used to remove dip powder and gels, backfill cutting and creating a sharp c-curve.

The medium texture of this bit is perfect for removing lifted areas around the nail bed, without creating any damage to the natural nails. This drill bit is designed to cut smoothly in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, making them perfect for right and left handed nail techs. This unique design provides a quick & easy cut of acrylic and gel product.

If you're a beginner this drill bit is perfect for you! It allows you to quickly and effortlessly remove excess product safely.

This drill bit is also known as Cross-Cut Large Rounded Barrel Nail Drill Bit

The Mitty Difference:

  • Easy product removal
  • Heat resistance
  • Ceramic
  • Perfect for rebalancing and refining products such as acrylic, builder gel, dipping POWDER (SNS)and more
  • 3/32" stem that fits most standard professional electric nail files

Nail drill speed when using this drill bits:

Use this drill bits on a higher speed for best result as it will offer smoother and more accurate cutting.

Note: These drill bits are for professional used on artificial nails and are not to be used on the the natural nail.

FAQ about nail drill bits:

1. What do colours on nail drill bits mean?

Nail drill bits are colour coded based on their grit level. In another word, how fine or coarse they are which is important.

Red: Fine grit

Blue: Medium grit

Green: Coarse grit

Black: Extra coarse grit

Yellow: 2 Extra coarse grit

Pink: 3 Extra coarse grit

2. How to clean nail drill bits?

Clean your bits to remove product from the drill bit by washing with a brush and soap and water. After cleaning, completely immerse your bits in a  hospital grade liquid disinfectant for the time indicated on the label.

Store all bits in a clean, dry container until you are ready to use them.

Sanding bands or sleeves:

These are single-use, disposable items and cannot be saved or reused. 

3. What do the different nail drill bits do?

Corn drill bit - Coarse: Removal of thick nail products such as acrylic, dipping, SNS and hard gel. Use this drill bit on high speed.

Smooth Top Barrel-Medium: This nail drill bit is perfect for removing builder gel and soft gel product as well as gel polish. Use this drill bit on high speed. 

Cuticle Cleaner Ball Bit Medium: As suggestion by the name, this product is perfect to remove excess cuticle without cutting the soft skin. Push cuticles back and use this drill bit on low speed to gently remove cuticles.

Under Nail Cleaner Fine: This drill bit is used to remove products from under the nail leaving a clean finish. Use this drill bit in low speed.

Under Nail Cleaner MediumThis drill bit is used to remove thicker products from under the nail leaving a clean finish. Use this drill bit in low speed.