Mysterious Press-on Nails

$29.95 AUD

Press-on nails Soft gel

Mitty #1 Press-on nails are premium SOFT GEL TIPS. Way, way better than the cheap ABS plastic. In fact these press-on soft gel nails are so awesome they look like you have just been to the salon for a salon fresh set of nails. We promise these are the best quality, best fitting, most comfortable press-ons EVER!!! And even better these soft gel press on nails are totally reusable. 


Whats inside your Mitty Soft Gel Press on nail kit:

30x Mitty Soft Gel Press on Nails with Builder Gel Protector Layer

32x Jelly Sticker Tabs

2g Nail Glue Tube

1x Nail File Buffer

1x Cuticle Pusher

1x Alcohol Wipe