Candy 00 Nail Brush

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Vegan & Cruelty Free Nail Brush

The Candy 00 nail brush has tiny bristles. These bristles are the highest quality possible, you cannot get any better and most importantly they are Vegan & Cruelty Free nail art brush. You can create beautifully thin lines, with amazing detail. The body is made from responsibly grown Cyprus Pine, so it's light weight. The body is ideally sized so it fits perfectly in your hand,  perfectly balanced, all adding up to a great feeling when designing detailed nail art. This detail nail art brush is designed to make it easy to maintain the highest accuracy whilst drawing. 

Why Mitty Nail Brushes:

  • 100% Vegan

  • 100% Cruelty FREE

  • 100% Premium nylon bristles

  • Nail Artists brush of choice, as seen on INSTA

  • Fits perfectly into your hand, alleviating cramping

  • Light weight solid wood body. Super comfy to hold.

  • Salon professional quality, Salon Recommended

How to use this detail nail brush?  

This nail art brush is designed for draw curves, lines, shapes, lettering and much more. 

To use this nail brush, dip the tip in gel paint, like Mitty gel paints, making sure you don't have too much on your brush. Gently place the brush on the nail and start drawing. 

What is the difference between gel paint and gel polish?

Gel paints are thicker in consistency that gel polish making them easier to draw. 

FAQ about nail brushes

1. How to use nail brushes?

This is one of the most often asked question from us. Every brush has its purpose and it has been designed for specific reason. Let's look at some of the most popular brushes and how to use each nail brush.

Detail Nail Brushes:

Short bristles like Mitty Peachy 000This nail brush is perfect for filling in shapes and reverse stamping. The fine bristles allow you to draw small details.

Medium bristles like Mitty Candy 00 & Minty 0: These nail art brushes are designed to for curved lines, shaped French tips, lettering, geometric shapes and line work. if you are a beginner at nail art, we recommend to use Candy 00 for shorter lines and Minty 0 for longer lines and curves. 

Long bristles like Mitty Daisy 1.0: This brush is specifically designed for long lines down the nail. The long bristles allow you to draw lines easily.

Dotting Tools:

These nail art tools have a round metal end that will allow you draw different size dots and shapes that are combination of dots such as daisies and clouds. We recommend that you invest in a big dotting tool and small one like Mitty Little Dots and Big Dots. 

To use a dotting tool, simply dip the tip of the dotting tool into gel paint or polish and place onto your nail. 

Angular Nail Brush:

An angular nail brush, like Mitty Clean Pro Angular, can be used to clean around cuticles, create french nails and one stroke nail designs. 

Flat Nail Brush:

Similar to an angular nail brush, this nail brush also can be used to clean around the nail walls as well as creating one stroke designs & French tips. Plus this nail brush is perfect to create marble nail art designs. Check out Mitty Clean Pro Flat to find out more. 

Fan Brush:

This nail brush can be use to clean up powder residual prior to applying top coat as well as creating nail art designs such as ombre and abstract art. Check out Mitty Design Pro Fan-cy to find out more. 

2. How to clean nail art brushes?

The premium soft bristles can be easily cleaned with gentle non-acetone nail polish remover. Always clean your brush immediately after use.

Pour a gentle non acetone nail polish remover into a lint free pad and clean the bristles whilst turning your brush in your hand to shape the bristles. We suggest using non acetone nail polish remover.Repeat as needed until the brush is clean.Add Mitty Cuticle Juice cuticle oil to keep the hair super soft.

Once a week:

Wash your brush with warm soapie water and then add Mitty Cuticle Juice cuticle oil to keep the hair super soft. Mitty cuticle juice is 100% Australian certified organic oil which protects your brush bristles from getting dry.


  • Clean your brushes immediately after use. ( So don't let the polish dry, don't leave your brush near led lamp or sun light.....ok)
  • Never leave your brush in the nail polish remover.
  • Don’t use an acetone polish remover. We recommend the use of non-acetone polish only.
  • Never swirl your brush in a dish to clean it. This will cause your bristles to seperate.

Nail Art Brush Details: 

1 Brush
1 Plastic storage tube, keeps your brush super clean
Brush Head: Best quality available synthetic bristles. 
Body: Responsibly sourced Cyprus pine, with funky Candy coloured coating
Bristle Length:  7mm

Cruelty FREE, 100% Vegan.