Holo 3D Butterflies - Soft Breeze

$10.00 AUD

 Mitty Holo 3D Butterflies are so beautiful. Simply stunning. You can achieve amazing looks with these. They change colour, reflect colour, & shimmer in the light. You won't be able to stop looking at your nails.


1. Apply base coat to your nails and cure

2. Gently peel your desired 3d sticker from backing. Be gentle & slow, you don't want to damage your beautiful holo sticker

3. Apply to desired position on your nail.

4. To last longer apply Non-Wipe top coat and cure. (you don't have to but your mani will last alot longer.)

Handy hint: try different colour backgrounds like Mitty nude Gel polishes to achieve eye catching designs.

All Mitty Goodies are 100% Cruelty FREE, & 100% Vegan