Messy Rainbow Pack

$38.00 AUD

Flawless Finish Easy Peel off Mani tapes:

Latex FREE premium quality

Easy to apply, easy to remove

No dry time, No mess, No smell

No messy sticky fingers

No Nasty chemicals on your fingers

No clean up, = Easy Mani...Yay

Get that fresh clean Mani look

What we love about this super easy peel off Mani Tapes:

Flawless finish by Mitty makes every Mani design possible. Just imagine, no mess, you can stamp, you can ombre, apply lots and lots of glitter. Or just achieve that perfect clean finished Mani look. 
Flawless finish by Mitty are easy to apply, takes  just seconds. Has absolutely no dry time, unlike liquid latex. Plus your fingers don't stick together and become all messy. Flawless Finish stops leakage into your Mani, so nothing  contaminates your design. I mean who wants liquid latex all over their cuticles.Really, really easy to remove and can be  reused. With Flawless Finish by Mitty the only limitation is your imagination, so, design with confidence, clean up is taken care of, you can achieve that Flawless clean finished look.
Messy Rainbow pack contains:
3 x Buttercup Bananas
3 x Mandarin Peel
3 x Black 
3 x Indigo
Cruelty FREE,Biodegradable, Recyclable, 100% Vegan.



Why use Flawless Finish and not Liquid Latex?

All Liquid Latex products have some form of Ammonia in them. When Ammonia makes contact with the skin it reacts with water and produces ammonium hydroxide. This chemical is very corrosive and damages cells in the body on contact. (Source