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Stiletto Full Cover Nail Tips
Stiletto Full Cover Nail Tips

Stiletto Full Cover Nail Tips

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The Nail Tips to help you create the perfect nail extensions 

Tired of getting uneven & lumpy nails? Or even filing excessively to be left with thick nails? Not to mention the time it takes to create nail extension with other system, just to be disappointed with the result.

More and more consumers and professional nail technician are using Mitty full cover nail tips. These nail tips are used with Mitty nail extension kit and are perfect for you, whether you are a trained nail technician, beautician or a nail lover.

The Mitty Difference:

Mitty clear nail tips are high quality FULL COVER nail tips that is applied on top of your natural nail allowing you to create perfect nails every time without excessive filing. Also:

  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Cruelty FREE
  • 100% Palm Oil FREE
  • 100% Pure Gel System
  • Up to 3-5 weeks long lasting formula
  • Fast soak-off removal with acetone
  • LED nail lamp curable

Feels like your own nails 

Mitty nail extension, due to their specially designed shaped and material, are light weight nail tips that feel like your natural nails. These clear nail tips are very thin, yet super strong.

No Filing

Mitty full cover clear nail tips don't require filing to shape the nails or make them thinner. These nail tips are already shaped and designed perfectly during the manufacturing process which means you just need to apply them to your nails. 


Unlike ordinary nail tips that are made from ABS plastic, Mitty nail tips are strong and don't bend easily. This means whether you go to a salon or do your nails at home, you don't need to add any special product on top of these nail tips to make them stronger. Just use these nail tips as they are. 

And more:

  • Less damaging to nail 
  • No strong fumes
  • Better adhesion
  • Can be done at home or salon

Easy nail tips application steps:

  1. Buff the surface of your nails with a high grit nail file like Mitty 180/180 nail file. Buff in one direction and remember, you are trying to rough up your nail surface, not make them smooth. Dust your nails & clean with alcohol. Remember we don't want any nail dust causing lifting.
  2. Push your cuticles back and remove any excess cuticle. You can use an e-file if you have been trained otherwise a cuticle remover would be just fine.
  3. Now we need to make sure we use the right nail tips that fit perfectly. 
  4. With either normal file or electric file, gently file inside of the nail tip. This will help in making sure the nail tip will adhere to your nail. Remove any dust and add Mitty Gel Primer inside of the nail tip to help with adherence. Note: if you are using e-file, we suggest to you the 180 grit sanding band for this.
  5. Gently file the top edges of the nail tips so that the nail tips are thin and will sit on the nails creating a natural smooth finish.
  6. Your nails has natural oils. These Oil stop the builder gel and nail tips from adhering to your nails and cause lifting. It’s important to ensure the nail surface is clean. Clean the nail surface with alcohol. Then apply Mitty pH Bonder, let it dry followed by Mitty Gel Primer. Let dry. pH Bonder and Primer prepare your nail surface and make it sticky so that the nail tips will adhere to your nails. 
  7. Apply a thin layer of Brush on Builder Gel & cure for 60 seconds in a strong LED lamp like Mitty 54W LED lamp.
  8. Now apply Brush on Builder Gel inside the nail tip. Don't cure. Push down the nail tip into your nail starting from the cuticles and moving towards the end of your nail slowly allowing the builder gel to fill in the gap between your nail and nail tip. Make sure there are no bubbles. If you get bubbles, start again.
  9. When happy, keep the nail tip in place with your fingers and use a portable LED lamp like Mitty 6W mini LED lamp to cure for 20-30 seconds. This step is called flash curing. It allows the nail tip to sit on your nail temporarily so you can move your nails under a bigger LED lamp. 
  10. Once all your fingers on one hand is done, cure your hand for 60-180 seconds.
  11. If you would like to add Gel Polish or nail art, buff the surface of the nail and remove any excess nail dust. 
  12. Apply two thin layers of gel polish and cure each layer for 60 seconds for 60 seconds. Now apply your top coat and cure for 60 seconds

How to remove Mitty full cover nail tips?

Mitty nail tips are 100% soak off in pure acetone. However there are a few steps to do so that you can easily remove them.

    1. File as much of the nail tips as you can using a low grit nail file like Mitty 100/100 grit nail file. This step can be much easier if an e-drill (e-file) like Mitty portable nail drill and using Smooth Top Barrel-Medium nail drill bit if you are trained on how to use an e-drill.
    2. Now we need to soak the nails with pure acetone. Cut a cotton pad into 4 pieces. Now place acetone on the pad, slip the pad inside your Mitty Polish off Soakies and slide the Soakie onto your finger.  If you don't have Mitty Polish off Soakies, you can use aluminium foil however aluminium foil is harder to use and it's not environmentally friendly.
    3. Wait 10-15 minutes and remove the Soakies. Use a cuticle pusher to remove softened gel. If all products are not removed, repeat step 1-3 until all gel products are removed. 
    4. Once all gel products are removed, buff the surface of your nails and apply a good quality cuticle oil like Mitty 100% certified Australian organic Cuticle Juice

Mitty Nail Tip Box Contains:

1x 500pc  box of Mitty Gel Nail Tips, nail tips are in 10 sizes from 0 to 9.

Click HERE to read FAQ about nail tips and nail extensions

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