Untold Secrets - Brush on Builder Gel

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Mitty Builder Gel for strength or creating nail extension

Our specially developed formula is the perfect Brush on Builder gel formula that allows you to extend the length of your nails using nail forms or nail tips. This soak-off gel is cured in 60 seconds under LED lamp or 2 minutes under UV lamp.

Brush on builder gel is also known as soft gel, builder gel in a bottle or simply referred to as builder gel. 

The Mitty Difference:

Builder Gel is quick to apply and  easy to remove

Mitty builder gel in a bottle is designed so that it keeps it shape which means it reduces the application time. Plus it needs minimal filing. This means you will have a fabulous nails a lot faster than other applications.

Mitty Brush on Builder is both UV and LED curable and soaks off with pure acetone.

Builder gel feels like your own nails with polish on

Mitty Brush on Builder gel formula, when compared to regular builder gels, has a lighter more flexible feel on the nail and feels no heavier than a gel polish manicure.

Builder gel is stronger

Mitty Brush on Builder gel is designed to be super strong. It can be used to create an extension over a nail tip or you can use nail form and to add strength to the natural nail. You can also use on natural nails without nail tips. 

It can also be used instead of regular gel polish base coat to create a long-wearing, durable and strong foundation base if you experience nail breaks or you are looking to grow your natural nails.

Thanks to its strong and durable formulation 

Mitty Brush on Builder gel can be applied thinner than conventional builder gels giving the nail a sleek profile and look.

And more:

  • Builder gel is less DAMAGING to nail 
  • Builder gel DOESN'T have strong fumes
  • Builder gel requires LESS filing
  • Builder gel has better ADHESION
  • Builder gel can be done at HOME or SALON
  • Builder gel can be USED on natural nail, tips or forms. No limitation.
  • Builder gel can be REFILLED 

Easy builder gel application steps:

1. Clean your hands using sanitizing spray or gel. Manicure your nails by gently pushing back your cuticles.

2.  Clean and dehydrate the nail plate using nail polish remover or an alcohol wipe.

3.  If you are using tips to lengthen your nails, apply the tip using nail glue and file the tip down so that the surface between your nail and tip is even. Gently remove the shine from the nail plate and the nail tip using a sponge file.

4. Use Mitty PH Bonder to the nail plate. Only apply it to the natural nail. Use sparingly and don’t touch the skin with it.

5.  Apply Mitty Gel Primer to the nail but not the nail tip.

6. Brush on a thin layer of the Mitty Builder Gel and cure for 60 seconds in Mitty 54W LED nail lamp. Do not wipe this layer.

7. Apply a thicker layer and spread it with the brush side to side. Make sure you stay away from your cuticles.  It is best to aim for a level layer specially in your free edge (part of your nails that extends passed your cuticles). Cure for 60 seconds in Mitty 54W LED nail lamp.

8. Assess the shape and thickness of your nails. You can add a third layer if you like to have thicker nails or if you see uneven areas. Remember to not wipe the nail between layers.

9.  If you are ready to shape the nail you can now clean the tacky layer with alcohol.

10. Refine and buff your nails into shape using a 120/180 grit. We want to reduce any excess product around your cuticle area and the free edge. 

11. If you need to apply more gel to the nail you can. Just remember that the gel will only stick to a matte or tacky layer.

12. Once filed and you are happy with the shape remove the dust filings with a nail brush and apply your top coat.

    PLEASE NOTE: Curing time may differ depending on the voltage of your nail art lamp.

    Size:  15 ml
    Cruelty FREE, 100% Vegan.



    How to remove builder gel easily:

    1. File your applied builder gel to remove seal with Mitty 100/100 Grit file or a nail drill like Mitty portable nail drill and using Smooth Top Barrel-Medium nail drill bit. Using a nail drill will speed up the process. 

    2. Cut a cotton pad into 4 pieces.

    3. Soak the pad with pure acetone.

    4. Slip the pad inside Mitty Polish off Soakie and slide the Soakie onto your finger. (You can use aluminum foil as well; however we ask that you consider the impact on the environment)

    5. Wait 15-20 minutes.

    6. Using a cuticle pusher, remove the builder gel. Repeat previous steps if builder gel is not fully removed.

    7. Buff your nails.

    8. Use Mitty Cuticle oil to moisturise your cuticles and nails.

    FAQ about Builder gel:

    1. Is builder gel bad for your nails?

    Short answer is No. Mitty builder gels are 10 free, so Mitty builder gels don't contain the nasties. If you apply the brush on builder gel correctly & follow instructions to remove correctly, Mitty brush on builder gel will not damage your nails.

    2. Can builder gel in a bottle be used as a base coat?

    Yes, specially if you have weak nails, ridges or unevenness in your nails or your nails break easily. Builder gel in a bottle will act as a protector so that your nails naturally grow as well as your manicure can last longer.

    3. Can brush on builder gel be used to fix a nail with a tear in it?

    Yes, apply 1 thin layer of brush on builder gel and cure. Then apply another thicker layer of the builder gel and cure. 

    4. Can builder gel in a bottle be used to refill my nails?

    Yes, you can refill this builder gel instead of removing and replacing with a new set of nails. By getting a nail refill, the space between the cuticles and the old builder gel is refilled to have your nails looking pretty as a picture again. This process is also called rebalancing, and or back fill. 

    To do this, you need to file off the top of the builder gel and  remove any part of the builder gel that has lifted. Then apply builder gel and fill in the gap between your cuticles and the old builder gel.

    *Please note: Whilst every care is taken to truly represent the exact builder gel colour, different monitors will display colours in different ways.