Bubbles are annoying and noticeable on your nails and there aren’t many easy fixes. I personally find it is much easier to void them in the first place.
Bubbles can happen because the nail polish is old, thickened or cheap. However it can also happen due to oil on your nails or air in the polish.
Here is what I do to avoid bubbles:

Wash your hands before painting your nails:

This might seem odd however the oil on your hands can transfer onto your nails and create bubbles. I find washing my hands with warm water and gentle soup will remove oils from my skin. Make sure you dry to hand thoroughly. It is important to make sure the surface of your nails is clean and dry.

No oil means no bubbles

A very cool trick I have learnt is to clean my nails with an ear bud and vinegar. Vinegar will dissolve oil and create a prefect surface to put nail polish on.

How to mix your nail polish and avoid bubbles:

Number 1 advice is to never shake nail polish bottle before using it. This will create plenty of air bubbles that will transfer onto your nails. Always roll your nail polish between your hands to mix it before using it.
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