On December 1, my wonderful and amazing friend @fingernail_freak posted her review of Mitty nail art brushes on her Facebook account. This is what she had to say:

"I have been sent a set of Mitty Nail Art Tools to use and talk about by the lovely Mitra.

I met Mitra (Mitty) through what has been my amazing Instagram journey. We have been following each other and supporting each other's work and designs for many months now. Mitty does a lot of hand painted nail designs, and was becoming very frustrated with what she felt was a lack of quality Nail Art Brushes being available. After a lot of research, time and effort ~ these Mitty Tools were born.

Made from high quality brush hair and quality steel, these tools ooze sophistication from the time you open the bag - which - quick sideline - is simply beautiful, and such a great idea to keep all your brushes and tools in together!"

Shaz from @fingernail_freak tested all Mitty nail art tools and created below wonderful nail art designs. Shaz is simply amazing xxxx


She also posted below photos of Mitty nail art tools which are simply amazing:

And last but not least, this amazing nail art nail design was created using Mitty I'm Fan-tastic.

Want to re-create these amazing nail art ideas?


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