I have always been a fan of Roselynn's blog www.manicuredandmarvelous.com. I love Roselynn's attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of nail art tools and ideas. So when Roselynn reviewed Mitty nail art brushes, I was both excited and anxious to see the review of Mitty nail art tools. The day finally came and I was super excited to see that Roselynn liked Mitty nail art brushes.

"For all the mani's I showed here I worked with only polish and afterwards cleaned the brush with acetone and applied some cuticle oil to keep the softness. I've been using them for about a month now and all of them still look like they did the first day! "

Roselynn used I'm Fan-tastic nail art tool to create this look:

"this is perfect for one of my favorite techniques, the 'distressed' look." 


Using Lots of Dots nail art brush, Roselynn created this stunning nail art design.

"What I love about this one in particular is how small it is. By far the smallest I own from all the sets I have purchased in the past. It's definitely a lot more useful for detail art because of how small it is. Should I need a bigger one I can just layer paint on the tip and let it dry to create a bigger circle."


And Stirpy Glamour nail art brush was used to create one of my favourite nail art design, Leopard Print. 

"I am extremely picky when it comes to my striper brushes and this one ended up being pretty good for my needs"


Super excited to see what other nail art designs are coming up using Mitty nail art tools.


Want to re-create these nail art ideas? 



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