Dare to Wear Press-on Nails

$19.95 AUD

Press-on nails Soft gel

Mitty Press-on nails are premium SOFT GEL TIPS. Way, way better than the cheap ABS plastic. In fact these press-on soft gel nails are so awesome they look like you have just been to the salon for a salon fresh set of nails. We promise these are the best quality, best fitting, most comfortable press-ons EVER!!! And even better these soft gel press on nails are totally reusable. 


 Whats inside your Mitty Soft Gel Press on nail kit:

30x Mitty Soft Gel Press on Nails with Builder Gel  Protector Layer

32x Jelly Sticker Tabs

2g Nail Glue Tube

1x Nail File Buffer

1x Cuticle Pusher

1x Alcohol Wipe

Step by Step Instructions