Mastering E-file Techniques- 28 July 2024

$199.00 AUD

Become an E-File Expert!

E-files are becoming more and more popular in their use, not only for just removing Acrylic and Gel extensions but even for preparing the nail surface for products. Without proper knowledge or training this could lead to a long list of errors for your clients, damaging natural nails and lots more.

When trained and used correctly and safely, electronic files take the load off of your hands and wrists and speed up a service, they definitely become your best friend in the nail salon.

What you will learn:

1.  Understanding E-files

  • Explore the anatomy and types of e-files used in the nail industry
  • Learn about the different bits and their specific purposes.

2.  Essential Tools and Safety Practices

  • Identify the necessary tools for using an e-file safely.
  • Understand safety protocols, including hygiene and proper e-file handling
3. Cuticle Care 
  • Master techniques for shaping nails and caring for cuticles using an e-file.
  • Understand the importance of proper nail preparation for e-file procedures.

4. E-file Techniques for Natural Nails

  • Learn safe and effective e-file techniques for shaping and refining natural nails.
  • Understand speed control and pressure application.

5. E-file Techniques for Artificial Nails

  • Explore precise techniques for shaping and refining acrylic nails with an e-file.
  • Understand the nuances of working with artificial materials.

6. E-file Techniques for Nail Art

  • Explore creative ways to use the e-file for intricate nail art designs.
  • Learn about specialized bits for carving and detailing.

7. Troubleshooting and Precision

  • Identify common issues during e-file use and learn troubleshooting techniques.
  • Master precision-focused techniques for professional results.

8. E-file Maintenance

  • Learn how to properly clean and maintain e-files for longevity.
  • Understand the importance of regular maintenance for optimal performance.

9. Safe E-file Storage and Handling

  • Explore best practices for storing and handling e-files safely.
  • Understand safety precautions to avoid damage and prolong the life of the equipment.

10. Advanced Tips and Best Practices

  • Discover advanced techniques for efficiency and precision.
  • Explore time-saving tips and best practices for professional results.




5/62 Fallon Street, Brunswick

Who can attend: 

Any skill level

Model Requirements:

Come with bare nails so you work on each other. 

Mitty Certificate:

- Complete a final assessment to test your knowledge.
- Receive a certificate of completion showcasing your mastery of e-file techniques for nail professionals.

Who will be teaching:

Mitty is Australia’s number 1 nail design brand. Providing training nationally in Australia, at Mitty, we are focused on ensuring that everyone who attends the training feels confident and ready. To do this, we use highly skilled, certified and in demand nail technicians with training background to train you. We also ensure our classes are small so that you get all the support that you need to learn. We also offer after training support as your success is how we measure the effectiveness of our training. 

 * Class is subject to minimum participants. If this is not achieved, you will receive a credit to attend another training or spend online.